Vamp Myth #1

Hey, everyone. Emma Martin here. Lynn’s off recovering from a busy release week. I was pretty busy that week, too, only it was kicking some VAMP ASS! So, I missed a few of the release week festivities. BUT, I did make it to that Facebook Party. That was WICKED fun. Super fast paced…kind of like things in my world.

Since Lynn’s off recovering…I’m taking over the blog this week. She’s actually working on her next release coming in January (TAINTED, Wasteland #3) and planning all kinds of wicked fun for THAT Release Party…so get ready!


There are tons of vampire myths out there these days, and during the release party and interviews over release week, Lynn got asked a few questions about that. So, I figured I’d clear up a few myths about these blood-suckers!

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Vamp Myth #1

Sunlight & wooden stakes kill Vamps

[/stextbox]This actually would be great if it were true. Would make my life a lot easier. I could just keep making me some wooden stakes. Sadly, the only things that will kill a vamp are my crossbow and dagger. Since Gabriel and I sort of stumbled into the things we know–along with the weapons–this is what we’ve found out so far:

The dagger and crossbows are made of a special–blessed–metal. Gabriel once read that there were some weapons forged from the fires of hell for Lucifer’s demons to use against heavenly beings. But the archangel, Michael, stepped in and blessed several of them to turn the tables. Those weapons are what kill evil creatures.

The Mark of Power is etched on them. As you’ve read in my story, I woke up with this crazy tattoo on my wrist after the big crash that killed my folks. Gabriel researched it and found out it was called the Mark of Power. And since this symbol graced the handles of these two weapons, we figured they were for me to use against the Vamps. I’d tried stabbing a Vamp in the chest with a wooden stake. It might puncture through a layer or two of flesh and knock them down for a bit, but it doesn’t kill them. So when they turned to dust after using these weapons I’d found, I was more than relieved.


Stay tuned for Myth #2 tomorrow!

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