Wow.  You answered my call for help with villain names for my newest project.

For a quick summary of what the book is about, see the summary of the first novel by clicking here.

The rough description of the villian I gave in my last post was:

I need a crazy-wicked-cool name for this nasty Demon. It’s early in my character sketching, but so far this is what I have: He’s a he…LOL…, wicked huge-somewhere around 6”5 with muscles busting shirt seams. Carmel-colored skin. He leads a pack of demons/vampires bent on avenging something Jake and Emma did in book one (can’t say what…just know this demon is WAY ticked off). Oh, and he’s only 25 years old—so that means his birthday was around 1984, or so.

I love names that are unique and have some sort of meaning behind them. So hey, leave your suggestions in the comments (either on FaceBook or here). If I choose yours, I’ll contact you with a list of three books to choose from as a prize. So, be sure to leave your contact email address if you leave a name idea.

Well, between Facebook and this blog, you suggested a bunch. Which ones do you like the best? Weigh in through the comments. Once I decide if I’m gonna use one, I’ll contact the winner with a list of prizes to choose from (all books).

1. Shale Slickensides
2. Dune Batholith
3. Gabbro Fumarole
4. Brash or Damien
5. Marcus Van Wilder
6. Chester Dangler
7. Something with Daray (means dark…)
8. Seth Gamboge
9. Simon Cutlass
10. Clive Seville
11. Draith Murdok
12. Toryak Vunden
13. Zelcor Turntodv
14. Sancton Nine
15. Icon Nikx
16. Anton Von Stark
17. Damian Savage
18. Antex Cortez
19 Hauntsun Thorne
20. Progan (or Paragon) Voidwalker
21. Valcor Rampyre
22. Kilor Firesheath
23. Mrogan Lafor
24. Grimscar Shadowstride
25. Garmon Dothmore
26. Desmond Atramentous
27. Bakhamat is Hebrew for “With a Vengeance”
28. Dabolo or Debono—means “devil”
29.  Shane Collins
30.  Mitch Gaylord or Eric VanSickle
31.  Devon Blade or Rand Suitor

4 thoughts on “VILLAINS

  1. I love the first name Shale, but I don’t really like Slickensides. I like Thorne as a surname. So…Shale Thorne. Very dark and what not. :]

  2. Garmon Dothmore gets my vote.

    It has an original and dark ring to it without being cartoonish. Good job on whoever came up with that one!

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