Vampires red eyed

Contest time. I need help picking out a name for a wicked-new villain in my sequel to Violet Midnight.

Yep. I’ve started another project (we lovingly call those WIPs – Work In Progress in case you didn’t know.) It’s a sequel to Violet Midnight (CLICK HERE for teaser).

I was prepping Violet Midnight for a partial submission to an agent last week, and while I was doing that, ideas for a sequel started cramming my already packed-with-stories head. ☺

But hey, I’m not driving this car ((my analogy for God’s in control)) so I went with it. Started on Sunday the 5th of July at one of my favorite places to write, The Coffee Cabin and about four hours later, I had nearly 5,000 words.

Sure, right now the story is rough and there are grammatical errors in almost every sentence, but that’s okay for now. For me, that’s how first drafts go. Just get the story down (like an outline) then flesh it out and do the technical stuff needed to make it complete.

Well, by the following Sunday (12th of July) the story was hovering around 55,000 words. You may be asking, “How the heck did you write that much without a name for your villain?”

I’ve done that plenty of times. Whenever the name I’m missing should appear in the story, there’s a blank line _____, which will prompt me to fill that in. I do that when something doesn’t pop in my head while I’m writing.

So, here’s where YOU come in:

I need a crazy-wicked-cool name for this nasty Demon. It’s early in my character sketching, but so far this is what I have: He’s a he…LOL…, wicked huge-somewhere around 6”5 with muscles busting shirt seams. Carmel-colored skin. He leads a pack of demons/vampires bent on avenging something Jake and Emma did in book one (can’t say what…just know this demon is WAY ticked off). Oh, and he’s only 25 years old—so that means his birthday was around 1984, or so.

I love names that are unique and have some sort of meaning behind them. So hey, leave your suggestions in the comments (either on FaceBook or here). If I choose yours, I’ll contact you with a list of three books to choose from as a prize. So, be sure to leave your contact email address if you leave a name idea.

**Have fun. I’ll do a follow-up post in a week or two and let you know how it turned out**


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