Walk the path #TheRunningWriter

Walk the path


Some paths are so very difficult to walk. They’re rocky, filled with curves and turns that you can’t see around or are really tough to navigate.

Some are smooth and soft and you can see ahead of you for days. On these smooth paths, it’s pretty easy to stay confident and focused, isn’t it?

It’s when you can’t see over the hill or around the turn that confidence in each step diminishes. You start questioning yourself. Your beliefs. Doubts deep in. You question your choices. Your future.


Twists and turns, hills and flats—those are part of everyone’s paths. They sometimes make you feel like you won’t survive them or can’t survive them, but you can. You must.

Keep taking steps forward, even if they are tiny. Even if you have to crawl, keep moving forward. You are strong. You can do this. You must.

Stay strong, my friends.

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