Wasteland Photo Time

Hey, everyone, we had  a BLAST at the book signing yesterday. Took TONS of pictures and I’ll post some later, but here are a few:



But, you know what I want to see?

Pictures of YOU with WASTELAND!  Yep. If you have a copy of Wasteland, whether it be paperback, Kindle, Nook, iPad, whatever….I wanna see you with it!

So, send me your pictures to lynnrush@cox.net.

Why? you might ask….

There are a few reasons.

1. It’d be FUN! I’d just love to see you with Wasteland. We’ve got to have some fun along this crazy busy journey of life.

2.  It’ll earn you FIFTY entries into the Kindle Giveaway (already have a Kindle? It’s okay, you can get an Amazon gift card instead)…Details HERE.

3.  I want to save them. You only have a debut novel once, and I want to enjoy every single aspect of it. You all have helped make this possible. And yes, ALL of you. When you buy Wasteland, you help. When you tell someone about it, you help. When you post a review somewhere online, you help. So, THANK YOU!

You have until September 30th to send in your pictures (5pm Pacific time) to earn the extra entries. You can send in a bunch if you like, and I encourage it, but you will only get the fifty entries. By sending me your pictures, you are approving their use on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and other means of promotion for Wasteland. But don’t worry, I won’t do anything wonky with them. It’s all in good fun.

Here’s one to get you started….



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