Watcher of the Realms Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

“In two days this could all vanish, how are we supposed to concentrate on soccer?” Hope asked as we practiced our juggling.

She’d gotten pretty good after I’d shown her a few tricks.

I was going to go insane if I stayed inside The Cave another minute. Once a cool and intriguing place, I pretty much hated it now. Reminded me of everything that was so not right with me.

I adjusted the chain holding The Coin around my neck so it would quit smacking me in the chin.

Felt weird to have this thing on me all the time. Made sense, though, since I’d have to be the one Jumping to The King once we found the scientists. If I could figure out how. The King in all his Glory didn’t really tell me how to reach him.

If I even could turn them over. At least before I got answers. Then again, I was thinking I might not want any more answers, actually. Hadn’t liked what I’d found out so far.

What if I found out I’d eventually grow a second head or something?

“Hey, you said that King dude Jumped you to the end of the field, right?” She stopped the ball with her foot and I did, too. “Why can’t you Jump to the scientists?”

“I don’t know how it works. I could land in some other Realm or worse.”

“Move it!” Coach yelled, and we started up again. “Want to play Monday or not?”

“Yes, sir!” If Earth is still here.

“That creepy, old Barbarian dude said you had to be specific to get where you want to Jump. You got us all back to your bedroom okay.”

“But I don’t know the scientists. Or where they are.”

The whistle blew again and it was time for suicides. I hated these.

After about five minutes of burning lungs and legs, we got to finish practice with five laps around the track.

“You know the scientists, just don’t remember.” Hope ran beside me. “I bet it’s still in your brain somewhere.”

“What are the two lovebirds talking about now?” Christian hustled up to Hope. “Gonna be meeting in tree? K-I-S-S—”

She punched him in the chest.

“Yep. Just one of the guys,” Nick laughed. “Looks like you recovered from your little trip down the stairs.”

“Not sure what you’re talking about.” I’d totally forgotten about what he’d done. I’d healed from the injuries then ran into Mr. King Guy. Crap.

“What’d he mean?” Hope asked.

“Nothing.” I ran faster.

Nick pointed two fingers toward his eyes then at me and mouthed what looked like the word freak. He’d called me that enough times I recognized it pretty easily.

He had to know something was up with me. Had I been any normal human, my arm would be in a cast.

And wait. He’d pushed me down on purpose. Maybe he knew already. Crap.

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with. Didn’t need him and his dumb bullies adding to things. Maybe Braeden would have to pay him a visit and do some memory wipes.

If anyone is alive in a few days, anyway.

Hope did have a point on Jumping to the scientists, though. They might have erased my memories, but I might still know them deep down.

“I’m not sure I can turn them over.” I sat on the bench next to my bag, glad to be done running.

“Those guys are evil. Look what they did to you and all those other kids.”

“But still. What if they can tell me more stuff about me? And killing. I can’t do that.”

You aren’t.”

“What if that King does? I don’t feel—”

“Boy, they made you into a softy, didn’t they?” Hope shook her head. “Okay, how ‘bout this. Jump to them and grab ‘em. Just don’t turn them over to the King until he promises not to kill them.”

“When is anything ever that easy? Besides, J2 won’t go for me Jumping,” I said as I packed up my stuff.

“Don’t tell them.” Hope slung her bag over her shoulder.

“That worked so well before when we got the safe.” I shook my head.

“Worked out great—eventually. And maybe Braeden can come. You know, all loaded up with weapons in case we get to some random Realm.”

“Wonder how many there are?”

“I bet a lot. Big galaxy. According to this museum dude who narrated the tour I went on last summer.”

I laughed. “Yes. He is right. I’ve read that.”

“And out comes Mr. Robot Sounding Riley.” Hope smacked my shoulder. “You relapse sometimes.” She eyed me for a second as we approached the parking lot to get our bikes. “So, how are you doing really? I mean, after hearing all that junk last night?”

“Not sure yet. Kinda focused on the world ending issue we have going on.” That wasn’t a total lie. It sucked worse than a soccer game played in 115-degree temperature with no water.

No. It was worse than a thorn shoved in my eyeball. Or—

“You’re still you, you know that, right?” she said.

“Yeah. But me is kinda not human. It’s lots of people.”

“That’s messed up. Totally.” She grabbed my hand. “But we’re still best friends. Remember? No matter what. Me and you.”

I nodded and reached for my bike. She was the first person, besides my foster brother, I met. She was cool. Could play soccer good. And funny.

Yeah, she was my best friend.

And I needed to make sure Earth was saved for her—along with my new family. “Okay. Let’s ask Braeden to Jump with us.”


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