Watcher of the Realms Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

“No. No. No. No way.” Braeden put his hands up and stomped back toward his bed. “Absolutely not.”

“We have to try it. The Kurators busted up another science lab today and found nothing,” I said.

“They will. Or Tish will do her thing. Like she said she would.”

“And if it’s not in time?” We needed to have a back-up plan.

“It will be.”

“You want to take that chance?” I sat on his bed. “Risk Earth?”

He jammed his hands into his hair. There wasn’t much to grab since it was nearly shaved. “I say we try and plug you in again. That might—”

“We’ve tried twice.” And it felt like they’d jammed an ice pick into my skull. Not to mention we only got a blank screen. Pretty much like how they found me. Nothing. Empty.

“But I could try another hack. You know—”

“And mess me up more? No thanks.” Last thing I needed was brain matter dribbling out of my ears.

“I should have grabbed more equipment from the place we found you. I could have figured it out.” Braeden stomped to his closet. “Fine. But…we’re going prepared this time.”

I hopped up. “You’ll do it?”

“Look, kid, I didn’t want to hack your brain any more than you wanted it hacked. And I sure as heck don’t want the world to vaporize. I have a date this Friday.” He dragged a duffel bag from the back of his closet and pulled out a small handgun. “Let me show you a few things. Just in case.”

After a quick weapons training session, Braeden, Hope and I hopped our bikes and took off toward the school soccer field. Tish was with J2 on their way back from Texas so we were in the clear.

“Okay, this is how it’s gonna go down.” Braeden tipped his bike against a tree trunk. Hope and I did the same. “I’m in charge. What I say goes.” He patted his thighs and chest.

Since I didn’t have any army fatigues, and his didn’t fit me, I borrowed Jeff’s shirt and wore it with my own black jeans.

Hope showed up to the house looking more like a burglar than anything else. Black pants and shirt. She wore a black skullcap, too. I had to laugh, but that changed when she punched me.

Strong girl.

“Here under the cover of trees.” Braeden nodded toward me. “You got The Coin?”

I held it up.

“Memorize this area. The trees. Our bikes. So you can be sure to Jump us right back here.”

The moon wasn’t quite up, but I could see enough to remember. Plus, I’d spent tons of time at the soccer fields.

“Okay. I think I got it.”

“Gun?” he asked.

I patted both thighs and my ankle. “Secure.”


I tapped my forearm. The blade bulged beneath my thin long sleeved shirt. I sure hoped I didn’t have to use anything strapped to my body.

Then again, if I didn’t do this right, the world might end.

No pressure or anything.

“You gonna puke?” Hope grinned.

“You try carrying three guns and a knife. See how good you feel.”

“You won’t need them. Snatch and grab. Super fast.”

Like anything went that smoothly for us.

“Ready?” Braeden asked.

I nodded.

Hope and Braeden grabbed a hold of my hand and arm. “You got this, man,” he said.

I didn’t know what the scientists looked like or anything, but I just started thinking about them. Scientists who made me. I want to go to them. Land right beside them.

“It’s working,” Hope whispered.

I cracked open my eyes, still repeating the thoughts in my head. A ball of swirling darkness erupted in front of us. The size of a golf ball.

It quickly morphed into the size of the softball.

Then a soccer ball.

Wind whipped around us. Leaves slapped my face. Oh crap. Didn’t think about the things nearby. They might get sucked in with us.

And then the pull began. The bikes rattled. They were too close. What if—

“Oh my gosh!” someone yelled. “I knew it. You guys are—”

“Nick. No!” Hope yelled.

He tumbled toward us. His eyes were wide and his arms out trying to keep balanced.

But it was too late. The black hole opened and there was no way to escape the pull.

We just had an unplanned guest.


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