Watcher of the Realms Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

“We’re going to miss the deadline to save the world looking for a big fat bully!” Hope said.

“We can’t leave him.” I grabbed a newspaper out of the trashcan beside a bench at a bus stop. “We’re in California.”

“If the world wasn’t going to end soon, I’d be stoked.” Hope snatched the paper from my hands. “I’ve always wanted to come here.”

“Same time zone right now, so that’s good,” Braeden said checking his phone. “We’re so screwed if Nick has a phone and has called his parents.”

“But you can fix it, right?” I said. “With your mind wipe.”

“Got to get to them soon. Before they do any damage.”

“Like what?” Hope asked.

“Oh, let’s say, tell people!” Braeden shook his head.

“I can help,” Fairy Boy said. “I sense him near.”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“What’d you mean by sense?” Hope asked.

“I can read minds.” Sendew pointed ahead. “He’s this way.”

We took off up the sidewalk, dodging people flooding toward us. Walking up stream in raging rapids would have been easier.

“What’s going on?” Hope asked.

“Like I know?” I stood tall, trying to see above the people.

“There.” Sendew pointed across the street.

Nick darted around the corner of a movie theatre. That’s where all the people were coming from. A show must have just let out.

We bolted across the street.

“Crap. He’s got a phone!” Hope yelled.

Braeden took off.

He was too fast to keep up with. I rounded the corner to find Braeden aiming his hands toward the end of the alleyway. Nick was trying to scale the brick wall beside the dumpster.

He’d almost done it, too, had Braeden not grabbed him with his power. “Come here you little punk.”

Nick stumbled down and landed on his butt. He kicked Braeden’s knee and hopped onto the trash bin. But then he froze again.

Braeden captured him with his power as he stood up. “Are you stupid or something?” He whipped Nick against the brick wall next to the dumpster and pounced on him.

Braeden ripped the phone from his hand and held it up. “Dang it. Call went through.”

“My father’s going to have a field day with you guys.” Nick crossed his arms over his chest.

“We have to get home,” Braeden said. “Now. Before this gets too big for us to wipe out.”

Nick stood there with a dumb smirk on his face.

“You have no idea what you’ve done,” I said.

“You all are freaks. You’re so busted. I can’t wait to see what happens to—”

Sendew grunted then fell into me. An army guy sprinted down the alley, gun aimed and evidently firing. Another guy with glasses who wore normal jeans and a button up shirt followed behind the gun-toting maniac.

Wait. That was the scientist-guy wearing the white coat earlier.

Sendew put up his hand again, and the people froze.

“Braeden. It’s the scientist! Can you get him over here?”

“Working on that,” Braeden gasped.

The army guy broke through whatever power was holding him and fired. The fairy jerked forward, spinning into us.

Braeden waved his hand. “Come on,” he said. “Come on!”

No time to think about the soccer field. I zeroed in on my back yard. It was clear. Close to home. Maybe J2 was back. They’d know what to do.


We stumbled into the spinning bulb of darkness I’d created. Wind whipped around me. Cold. Then hot. My lungs didn’t work. I couldn’t catch my breath. But I knew we were in the Jump. We’d make it. Had to.

And then I landed. Smack on my shoulder.

Groans filled the dark air.

“Down. Get down,” Braeden yelled.

He was on his feet, gun pointed to the floor. We’d gotten a scientist!

Too bad the Fairy was lying on his back in the grass, blood soaking through his white shirt.


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