Christian Wrtiers’ Market Guide 2001

SALLY STUART Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2009.

christianwritersmarketguideThe front of the book summarizes it completely, “The Essential Reference Too for the Christian Writer.”

I first stumbled across this book in 2008. New to the writing industry, I had no idea where to start. Someone in the first writers group I’d ever attended mentioned something about Sally E. Stuart.

I perked up when she said it’s for the “Christian Writer.” Sure, I didn’t consider myself a writer yet (still struggle with that title even now), but I went right out and bought it.

I’m glad I did! The resources were amazing. At first I was confused how to use it, but after I perused the “how to use this book” it made more sense.

The 2009 book is equally as helpful and more.

I love how there is a short description of publishing houses. If you’re going to go to a conference and meet one of the editors from a certain house, I’d check Sally’s book first during your research.

Lastly, I loved the contests section! To enter contests allows you an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from judges. It also allows exposure for your writing.

The Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2009 is a great resource well worth the investment of both time and money for any writer.

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Sally’s Blog:  CLICK HERE
Publisher, WaterBrook Press:  CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Christian Wrtiers’ Market Guide 2001

  1. I just got this book. It looks really comprehensive. I too am working on being comfortable with the title of writer, but it’s coming along. Actually, it got easier when I heard that anyone who writes is a writer, anyone who is published is an author… Ok, I can accept that! Blessings, my friend!

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