Well, as many of you know, I blog a lot about road biking.  Yes, yes, it’s probably getting old, but hey, besides writing and working, there’s biking….  LOL.

Charlie (my husband) and I went out for a power ride this morning and holy moly, I’m feeling it now.  We planned to do about 20 miles, but really, really hard.  You know, to burn the lungs, the legs, all that fun stuff (yeah, I know what you’re thinking…it’s ok).  Well, we met up with a group of roadies and they were flying, and I mean fast….  

So, my sick and demented mind went whirling…and I took off after them shouting back to Charlie, “Come on, let’s go.”  I was thinking, Why not, what’s the worst that could happen?  Charlie came screaming by me and I tucked in behind him catching a sweet draft and we flew.  

Of the twenty or so riders, it was me, Charlie, McKayla, and three other guys we didn’t know.  Out of all of them, I’m the weakest biker, so I fell to the back and held on for as long as I could…which was about 19 miles.  My legs burned.  My lungs ached.  But I was in heaven.  

Sick, right?

Well, as we neared the end of the ride, Charlie and I peeled off toward our house waving good-bye to the remaining two bikers that finished with us.  I glanced down at my speedometer.  21 MPH was our average. Ok, I freaked.  I’ve NEVER gone that fast or that hard on a ride, not for 20 miles anyway.  

What a rush…..

So, I’ll rest up today, work a little, write a little, then gear up for a great LONG, relaxing weekend.   We’re gonna do some biking on Sunday but other than that, rest, rest, rest.   

What are you all doing for the weekend?  Whatever it is, be safe and God bless!!!

3 thoughts on “WHAT A RUSH…

  1. I just came back from a ten mile bike with my family, and though I’m not “feeling it” I was feeling pretty good about a nice bike… Until I read your post! 😉 Yikes. I’m in awe.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I can’t help it, I have to say it – you’re CRAZY! I had to really push myself just to to a 20 minute workout on the exercise ball last night and you’re doing an intense 20+ mph bike ride in the early morning. Nuts. I like your description of the resting part though! 😉

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