Well, I must say that I haven’t had much time to read since starting on project number 3, but I tend to sneak in a little reading on my writing breaks.  And I’ll tell ya, I’m hooked on TED DEKKER.  I’m reading SKIN right now:

It’s really good.  I mean, creepy, supernatural thriller good.

Then, he teamed up with Frank Peretti on HOUSE.  And I’ll tell ya, Ted is only second to Frank in my mind, so I’m all over that one as soon as I can.   

You can probably guess that I’m into the supernatural-type books, huh?  Being that I write them and all. LOL.  No, seriously though, I like other kinds as well.  A little romance–as long as it has a happy ending–Action/Adventure and I think I’m gonna try a couple ones.  I’m digging the reviews of Colleen Coble’s and Camy Tang’s books

So, what books are you guys reading now?  Anything fun?  Scary?  Romantic?  Tell me about it, because I may want to check it out.

9 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU READING?

  1. Yeah, you’d think love stories end with happy endings, but it seems some don’t, but I agree, Krista, I don’t consider it a romance unless they end up together:-)

    Ahhh, it’s a blog, you can have typos….. LOL

    Thanks for visiting the blog! Hope to see you back again.

  2. Uh, romance? Don’t they ALWAYS have a happy ending???

    I am from the school that a book is NOT romance in any way shape or form if they guy does get the girl in the end!

    I.E. Romeo and Juliet is so NOT a romance. Blah! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your blog! And thanks for commenting on mine! You have a lot going for you.

    Don’t worry: I’ll be sure to have Pepsi for you if we get together someday. 🙂 Thanks again, Facebook friend!

  4. I just finished up “Crossbearer” the memoir written by Hollywood screenwriting legend Joe Eszterhas. It isn’t available to the general public yet (the perks of working at a newspaper), but I’ll have a Q&A with him on my blog later on today.

    It was an awesome interview. Tell your friends (but not until this afternoon).

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