I wanted to share an interesting topic of discussion I had last night with some neighbors.  It was based on the recent messages we had heard in church (based on the series One Month to Live).  Our Pastor, Pastor Don, told a little story to demonstrate something very interesting.  I’ll summarize:

So, this guy came into church.  He stunk and wore dirty clothes.  The people around him were so disturbed by the man’s odor and appearance they complained.  After the service, the pastor came to the man and welcomed him.  Then, he said, “We hope to see you next weekend but over this next week, pray to Jesus and ask Him what He thinks is appropriate dress for church.”  So, the next weekend, the man showed up to church again, exact same clothes, and smelled equally as bad.  Again, the surrounding people complained.  After service, the pastor came and talked to the man asking him, “So, what did Jesus tell you about appropriate attire to wear to church?”  The man replied, “Well, I talked to Jesus and asked Him what to wear, and He said that he wouldn’t have any idea, He’s never been IN this church.”


Now, this didn’t really happen, it’s just a story, a little “joke” if you will.  BUT, it really hit home for me and a few neighbors I was talking with last night.  We talked about the idea that Jesus meets everyone with open arms.  Yes, even those who stink, have broken the law, have tattoos, are addicted to something—but do we?  What would the world be like if we did??

4 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  1. Ohhhh, I love that song by Todd Agnew…. It’s true.

    I remember, one time, a while ago, someone made a snarky remark about someone wearing sandals to church. Then I heard someone say, “Hey, Jesus wore sandals, why can’t we?” It cracked me up!

    Now, I go to a mega church, 11,000 members. I see all kinds and all kinds see me, but all God really cares about is where your HEART IS!!!! Thanks for posting, Kat!!

  2. A couple my husband and I have been friends with for ages have a son who has developmental disabilities. Because of the disability he suffers, this young boy (about 8 now) isn’t always the quietest child in church. Their pastor told them a few months back that if they continued to bring their son to church, they would have to sit out in the narthex because he distracts other parishioners.

    There’s a line in that song “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew about “My Jesus would never be accepted in my church — the blood and dirt on his feet might stain the carpet, but he reaches for the hurting and despises the proud and I think he’d prefer Beale St. to the stained-glass crowd…”

    Everyone has a right to salvation…from the richest, most pious gent to the dirtiest sinner.

    Good post!

  3. Happy Wednesday to you too, Jessica. Yes. God made us all different, didn’t He? The whole judgment thing, yeah, not so good. Bible says tells us not to be judgmental, cuz “who are we to judge.” I wonder why we still do it, though? Perplexing.

  4. I often think about this same topic.

    I find it quite frustrating when people preach about love and acceptance but then turn around and are so judgemental about those that are “different” from them. If the world would just be more accepting of our differences, the things that make life interesting if you ask me, the world would be a much happier place.

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


    Happy Wednesday Sheri!

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