What’d you do?

hearts31How did you celebrate Memorial Day?

We went up to spend a few hours with my dad. I’d only seen him briefly since his return from the 3000 – mile bike ride. It had felt like a year since I’d sat and talked with him.

Although I couldn’t talk very well yet (had mouth surgery last week, I won’t gross you out with the details. Just know, it wasn’t fun, and I still have a sore mouth). But regardless of my inability to converse very much, I had a blast hearing his stories.

I’m sure I’ll pick a few throughout the coming months and share with you, but one that stuck out to me from the weekend was about the Lion’s Club breakfast.

My dad had stayed overnight in a small town and needed a big breakfast to start off a long day of biking ahead. He found a Lions Club having a pancake breakfast. What better way to start the day, right?

He and his wife got in and seated and began eating. In came some former city officials and sat with my dad. They asked him what he was doing, and after a while of talking, one of them got up and went to the microphone.

The man told the entire group about my dad’s coast-to-coast bike ride to raise money for Young Life. The crowd applauded and encouraged. But they even went further and started dropping money on his table.

Yep, my dad walked out with a bag of donations!

Dad said that he experienced “God” things like that almost daily on the trip. Sure, not all of them dealt with money being dropped on his breakfast table, but amazing nonetheless.


So, how’d you spend your Memorial Day weekend? I’d love to hear what you did.



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