What’s New Adult?

Wow, only a few hours left of our release party fun. I often get asked how I got into writing, specifically how I started in with this New Adult category before it was even recognized by anyone.

You might know this about me, but I kind of stumbled into this writing career. Hadn’t planned on it, but it found me. Fate kind of has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

Anyway, without any formal training, I just sat down and started writing. When I had an 87,000-word novel and no clue what to do next, I took the next step. Researched writing groups. Joined some critique groups and kept on writing. During that time, I was told my characters were too old for YA and too young for Adult and that I needed to change their ages if I wanted to get published some day.

I respectfully declined that offer to change my character ages. And kept writing. By novel thirteen (Wasteland) New Adult had started showing up here and there. But it was Crescent Moon Press who took the chance and opened the New Adult Line at their house. I think they were one of the first…if not the first…to officially have New Adult on one of their novels.

And then they signed SIX of mine!

So, as writing “found” me, so did writing New Adult. But I love it. Wouldn’t have it any other way. As NA Alley says so nicely, New Adult bridges the gap between Young Adult and Adult fiction.

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41 thoughts on “What’s New Adult?

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    • Lots of chocolate. 🙂 No, mostly I just celebrate my releases on line with you guys! I have a nice dinner with my sweetie, and if it works out, I might do an in person event at a favorite coffee place. 🙂

  2. My question is: how do you see the New Adult category growing in the next year or two? I’m seeing more and more books in this category, and hope it sticks around. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Kelly. I started writing for publication May 2008. So, that’s nearly 6 years or so. It’s been a WILD ride, and I love it!!

      Thanks for celebrating our releases with us today!

  5. how did your race go Sunday?
    What would you say are the differences between YA and NA, just the ages of the characters? I like some YA as long as the content isn’t all about sex. I skip those pages.:) I pre-read some stuff for my teen daughter.

    • I wish I could have run, Bobbi. I was all signed up and had trained until about October…then I had a few health issues that side-lined me. But I still went with my BFF. And she KICKED IT!!! Thanks!! 🙂

      The ages of the characters is part of it. But it’s also the steam level, too. It’s just a little more steamy than YA but not quite as hot as the adult romances. I love that about NA. And yes, there are a few books out there that demand some skimming on my part, too. Pre-reading is a great idea!

  6. How did you know that Young Adult was your genre? Did you just start writing the characters and then you realized, or did you know you wanted to write something for that ‘age bracket,’ for lack of a better term?

    • Well, I actually found out that Young Adult wasn’t my genre. My romance scenes were a bit steamy for them, yet not steamy enough for adult. Again, I was caught in the middle not only with the age of my characters, but how steamy my writing was. I jus stuck with my guns….Sure breaking into a new category is difficult. But I think over time, it’ll be all the rage. 🙂

  7. So sorry I missed most of today. My Internet company didn’t seem to understand it was important for me to be here today! 🙂 I am so happy a publisher “found” the New Adult genre and started publishing it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this genre and cannot get enough. It seems to have really taken off here the last six months or so!
    I tweeted here-https://twitter.com/spoildbrat31/status/293581714045931520
    I have Pinterest but am unsure how to pin anything unless there is a button that says PIN IT. I need to step up my game over there. 🙂


    • No worries, Marlena. These posts are open until the 29th, so you have time to catch up on all of them today! 🙂 Thanks for participating!!! 🙂

    • Hi, Sarah. yep. It’s among my favorites. I’ll read pretty much anything paranormal, so I’m looking for more NA paranormal for sure! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences about writing New Adult.

    Can you share something interesting that you discovered while doing research/writing your books?


    • Thanks, Tin. Yeah, while I was writing Awaited, my heroine was mute, so I had to check out some sign language. It was fun researching that and learning how to do a few signs. 🙂

    • Hi, Anthony. Great question. Have you heard of Frank Peretti? His book, This Present Darkness, triggered a story in me. Just loved the paranormal, dark, demonic stuff in this book, and I must have had some stories dwelling deep down, because I started writing. And writing… 🙂 Haven’t stopped since.

  9. I’ve noticed a lot of authors still don’t know what New Adult is and often will just leave out the ‘New’ and put adult paranormal romance as the genre. It frustrating because it’s a great genre!

    • New Adult is still fairly young, but it’s making noise. So hopefully the word will spread. Agents and publishers are now starting to accept NA readily. Starting NA lines and everything! It’s so awesome to see. I’d like to see more paranormal NA. So far most is contemporary, which is awesome still, but I love my paranormal!! 🙂

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