What’s on your mind? #TheRunningWriter

What’s on your mind?


I was in the market for a new car recently, and I found one that I thought was pretty unique. I hadn’t seen many of these around and especially in this color, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Ha! I see them everywhere now.

It’s not like everyone just went out and got a car like me, I’m sure they were always there, I just didn’t have them on my mind.

Ever have that happen?

One hot summer day in Colorado, I was listening to a radio station. The DJ challenged its listeners to open their eyes more.

Specifically it challenged us to look for someone who needed our help on that especially hot day.

So I took the challenge. I put a cooler in my car with a few bottles of water in it before I headed into work.

I took the same route I always did. Around the same time, too. And sure enough, there was a man sitting near a light holding a sign up, asking for help.

Had he always been there? I can’t answer that. I’d never seen him there before. Was it a freak coincidence? Possibly.

Whatever it was, it changed me. I stopped and gave him water, my heart changed forever. If I slow down and really look around me, there are opportunities for me to help people.

Who are you going to help today?

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