What’s your buoy? #TheRunningWriter

What’s your buoy?


Are the waves of doubt about to pull you under? Are the struggles of life swirling around your feet, tugging at you?

It can sometimes feel like you’re under water, scrambling and clawing to get to the surface for some air, only to be pummeled by another wave once you break through.

But you can. You can make it to the surface. There are buoys nearby that can help you stay afloat. They are in the form of friends, family, and professional counselors.

They can’t fix your problems for you, but they can help keep you afloat while you work through them.

It’s so easy to feel alone and scared when you’re struggling with something. It’s easy to feel ashamed or weird when you’re going through something.

But you’re not.

You’re you. You’re loved. You’re needed. And you’re wanted.

Please don’t ever forget that. Find your buoy and grab onto it, my friend.

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