What’s Your Chocolate?

Ciara’s hosting a fun little blog fest today. And it’s about chocolate so OF COURSE I had to participate, right?  CLICK HERE to check out all the peeps involved. It’s super fun!


I sure wish I didn’t like LOVE chocolate so much. My hips don’t appreciate it’s wonderful, rich taste and smooth texture. Heck, I have to run extra so I can indulge every so often.

But my fave? That’s hard to decide. The ones I usually go running back to are M&Ms and Malted Milk Balls. **YUM**

There’s nothing like sitting down in front of my computer to do a bit of writing or editing and nibbling on those yummy little morsels of chocolate. 

What’s YOUR FAVE chocolate??

29 thoughts on “What’s Your Chocolate?

  1. When people ask me why I exercise so much, I sometimes say it’s so I can eat all the naughty, but tasty, things in life. Unfortunately chocolate isn’t one of them….

    Just stopping by from the Chocolate Blog Hop and saying hi!

  2. Malted Milk Balls!
    I instantly flashed on going to the drive-in movies as a kid, in the back of our parents station wagon. We got to run to the snack bar at intermission, and I loved those Malted Milk Balls. 🙂 Thanks for sparking a fun memory.

  3. I love, love dark chocolate. There is a place here called Leonidas and they make these wonderful 70% cacao bars with chilli powder. I LOVE the spicy sweet goodness. I also love their champagne truffles. Yum!

  4. My pregnancy “craving” is chocolate so I have a little bit every night. I’m not too picky right now lol. Tonight it’ll be a few squares off a dark chocolate almond bar. If I don’t have a little bit tonight, I’ll totally go into chocolate vampire mode and binge on chocolate tomorrow, with hot chocolate to drink and chocolate milk. So a few squares a night are much easier on my hips.

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