What’s your choice? #TheRunningWriter

Waiting is difficult, isn’t it? Waiting patiently is even more difficult.

Seemingly impossible at times.

It’s the lull that gets me. Doubts creep in, and those doubts can be devastating. I question everything and everyone. My abilities, my plans, my purpose. I can get impatient and pushy if I’m not careful.

We wait a lot in the publishing world, it’s a known fact. It’s just the industry for the most part. And it’s a vulnerable time. So it’s usually when I have this song on repeat: While I’m Waiting, by John Waller.

The words are so encouraging, but specifically these:

While I’m waiting I’ll be running the race.

I will move ahead, bold and confident.

When I’m stuck in a waiting period, I can still be active, moving forward.

I can be helping other authors, I can be writing more stories, I can be encouraging and celebrating other authors’ successes. And so on.

I can keep running the race bold and confident. I can have faith in the plan.

I choose to be active and hopeful while I wait. What do you choose?

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