Gosh, after this past week of celebrating the release of Violet Midnight I’m not even sure where to begin with posts again. LOL!!

So I decided today’s post is to say…


So many people helped me make this week one of the best yet when it comes to book releases.

First, to all the a authors who donated to the Online Launch Party:

Caridad PineiroWebsite  Ciara Knight:  Facebook 

Christine Ashworth:  Website    Hildie McQueen:  Website 

Jami Gray:  Website  Jean Murray:  Website 

Joanne Brothwell:  Website   Katie O’Sullivan:  Website 

Kendall Grey:  Website  Lisa Kessler:  Website 

Louann Carroll:  Website   Lynda Hilburn:  Website 

Maer WilsonWebsite   Marne Ann Kirk:  Website 

Shawna Romkey:  Website   Shannon Eckrich:  Website 

Second thanks goes to  The Cabin Coffee & Colton Avery. Thanks for making the book signing/reading last night an amazing event. I can’t wait to work with you all again!!

Third, thank you to Crescent Moon Press for taking a chance on me and my novels.

Last, but NOT least, my sweet hubby, friends and family. You guys stand behind me, keeping me strong through the ups and downs of this crazy-wild journey!

Now…I’m off to sleep! **LOL** See you all Monday! Thanks again for all your support!


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