While the cat’s away….

You know the saying, right?  

Hey, everyone, Emma Martin here. Lynn writes about me in the Violet Night Trilogy. 

To be honest, I’m getting a little nervous as release day for Violet Midnight approaches. October 15th seems so far away…yet not. 

But anyway, back to the title of this post. . .

Lynn’s off to RomCon **waves** so I’ve decided to hijack the blog. And I figured since she’s away, busy hanging with all the awesome readers up in Colorado, I’d do a little giveaway.

I mean, why not? She’s not around to say anything…

So, here’s the scoop (Rafflecopter is the bomb)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay tuned tomorrow I have a Four-Word Interview for ya…I’ve got some awesome characters–er–people lined up. It’s hard to think of myself as a character in a book, you know? I mean, I’m real. The Vamp bite on my wrist is STILL healing to prove it. **And no, you can’t change into a Vamp by being bitten…Thank GOD!

See you all tomorrow!

17 thoughts on “While the cat’s away….

    • Oh yeah. David and Russell better step aside–or come help me deal with these Vamps leeching on my friends here!

    • Thanks, Brooklyn. Yeah, I think we’ve had enough of those Guardians, Angels, and Demons with that Wasteland trilogy already! LOL!!!!!

    • I hear she had a great time at the signing. Met tons of peeps. No Vamps crashed the party which was a good thing since I’m not with her this weekend. But I’m holding down the fort okay with my sweetie, Jake.

    • Hi, Joanne. **LOL** I just heard from Lynn, she’s having fun with Kendall Grey. They’re learning the lay of the land and ready to have fun!

  1. I like it when the characters decide to come out when the author thinks they are all safely tucked away. Good for you, Emma!! You show Lynn who’s boss!! 🙂

      • Well, well, well. What do we have here? Emma Martin you are a sneaky little thing. **LOL** Can I enter the giveaway?

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