Hey everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was exciting as usual.  I started working in our church’s bookstore, and it was awesome.  Such a great ministry, writing books.  It can reach so many people.  It really got me thinking about why I write.  Then, as I was blogging this morning, I ran across a blog that said we need to be asking ourselves some questions as we write our novels.  Such as who am I trying to reach by writing my book?   I found that interesting, because when I began writing Light of Truth, I hadn’t even considered anything like the who, what, and why.  

You know what’s amazing though, is that God worked all that out as my novel developed.  The story unfolded as I typed.  Sure, there’s tweaking (always, right?) and shifting things around, etc. 

I’m excited to write Young Adult (high school to college age) because I feel that I can relate somewhat.  Of course, not on the supernatural aspect of my writing **sheri smiles**, but on the whole “totally angry, rejected by my classmates, but then found hope in God” aspect.   

So, regardless of the rejections coming in from agents/publishers/editors, I will press on until God directs my attentions elsewhere.  Because ultimately, I’m in this for Him. 

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

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