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Welcome Michelle Sutton to the Light of Truth blog. Whoo-Hoo. Thanks for stoppin’ by. You’re crazy busy with bunches of books coming out. That’s awesome.

So hey, we picked out a few questions to ask ya, have fun with them.

And for those of you stoppin’ by, be sure to read to the end, because there’s a contest to win an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of one of Michelle’s books.

So, let the fun begin:

1) When you get a story in your head, what’s the first thing you do?

I mull it over in my mind. Kind of like talking to myself in my head. What do they look like? What is the conflict going to be? Stuff like that. I’ve had stories simmering in my head for up to three years before I’ve written them down.

2) If you could have dinner with any author from any era, who would it be and why?

I’d probably pick Francine Rivers because her books have really touched me deep inside. I’d like to talk to her about how she made the decision to leave the sexy fiction behind and follow the Lord’s call on her life. I heard her speak at a conference in 2004, but it wasn’t a two way exchange like you’d have with someone over a meal.

3) Dean Koontz and Steven King walk into the elevator with you, what would you do?

I might recognize Steven King. Maybe. I don’t know what Dean Koontz looks like. I would probably ask him what he is working on next.

4) Okay, you read many genres, and you know my heart lies with paranormal/supernatural…Could you humor me and tell me what is your favorite novel in that genre?

The last book I read and loved that fell under that category would be The Firstborn. Amazing story and well worth my time to read. I was totally sucked in to the story world that Conlan Brown created. For me, that is no easy feat when there is no romantic tension involved. In the story there was very little romance but a whole lot of warfare going on.

Thanks, Michelle, it was fun havin’ you here.

Her books **Yep, two of them. I told ya she was busy** coming out are “It’s Not About Him” and “Danger At The Door.” Check them out:


It’s Not About Him, by Michelle Sutton

September 1st 2009 by Sheaf House

Susie passed out while drinking at Jeff’s party and later discovered she’s pregnant. She has no idea who the father is and considers having an abortion, but instead decides to place her baby for adoption. Following through ends up being more wrenching than she imagined, but she’s determined to do the right thing for her baby.

Jeff feels guilty that Susie was taken advantage of at his party and offers to marry her so she won’t have to give up her baby, like his birth mother did with him. But Susie refuses, insisting he should he marry someone he loves. Can he convince her that his love is genuine before it’s too late? Can she make him understand that it’s not about him—it’s about what’s best for her child?


Danger at the Door PicDanger at the Door, by Michelle Sutton
August 1, 2009 by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.

Upon her fiancé’s death, Laney became a recluse who only left her home for emergencies. She managed to survive – barely – on food delivery service and her work-at-home job. When she tries to move on from her grief, the commemorative meal she orders is ruined. However, it leads to an unlikely friendship with an attractive man, Bojan, who speaks little English.

As he befriends Laney he continually says the wrong things, but he doesn’t give up trying to win her trust. Meanwhile, she has this strange feeling of being watched and wonders if she’s losing her mind.

Complicating things further, every time she leaves her house something bad happens, confirming that she is safer at home. Can Bojan convince Laney she’ll be safe with him, or will his presence put her in further danger? Will he be able to protect the woman he loves before it’s too late?


Okay, so here’s the contest **there’s a twist, so read on**

To win an autographed (Yep–AUTOGRAPHED) copy of It’s Not About Him, leave a comment, **but here’s the twist**, the winner will be whoever can generate THE MOST comments. So, be sure to tell everyone you know to come leave a comment, naming WHO referred them, and the one with the most will win the autographed copy.  ☺  {{If there is a tie. The names go into a hat and the winner is picked the good ‘ol fashioned way.}}



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