I was out biking this past weekend (I know, surprise surprise, right?) Well, I came across something that got me thinking.

Flag blowing“A flag?” you ask?

I tried to get the picture during the gust of wind

so you could see how strong the wind was.

When I saw that think flapping in the wind, I got to thinking, “Holy crap, I have to ride straight into that – – oh man, that’s gonna suck.”

Pedaling so hard, but moving so slow, getting nowhere . . .

I’d had mouth surgery that was pretty uncomfortable for almost two weeks, then, my Grams passed away.

So, like the stiff wind in my face, I felt like I was working so hard and getting nowhere. Couldn’t get happy.

I rarely feel that way. Ask anyone close to me. I’m never down in the dumps. But, I had been the past few weeks.

Then, God reminded me by showing me this flag. Yes, sometimes you’ll have to ride into the wind, working hard, but seeming to get nowhere. But, you’ll turn a corner and the wind will suddenly be at your back, pushing you forward, helping you coast ahead.

So, here’s to the wind at your back. I feel it behind me now, ready to have a great week!


Have a fantastic day, everyone.


This was another picture on a bike ride...rising sun.

This was another picture on a bike ride...rising sun.

4 thoughts on “WIND AT YOUR BACK

  1. One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard has to deal with the wind:

    “I cannot change the direction of the wind. I can only set the sails to reach my destination.”

    I was told it was James Dean who said it originally, but I”m not so sure anymore.

    Hang in there girl.

  2. Hey girl. This post is one of your best! (in my humble opinion) There is an old Irish blessing/saying that has a line something like, “may the wind be at your back” But your says it very poeticly 🙂 Have a great Tuesday! (hey everyone LynnRush is spotlighted at come over and support her 🙂

  3. So sorry you’ve been going through such a difficult time. Glad God showed you the flag and spoke to your heart. Now you can let the Wind propel you forward. Hugs and blessings, my friend!

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