Winners Fail #TheRunningWriter

Winners fail.


If you talk to any famous athlete, successful business person, or genius inventor, you will find that they all have one thing in common: They’ve all failed.

On the road to success, no matter what industry, there are risks. You have to take them to move forward.

I know I’ve had my share of them. And will in the future, because I’m going to keep striving to publish books and run those ultra marathons.

The trick is moving past the failure or disappointment. When I’m out on that trail, I often think about my DNF (Did Not Finish) last fall.

I was raising money for St Jude, running a 50k that I’d actually placed third in the prior year. So there was pressure. For sure.

By mile 19 I was feeling a bit ill, sluggish and warm. It was considerably hotter than the previous year, but I was ready for this race. I’d trained well, was strong, and very excited.

But by mile 20 I started getting sick—as in barfing, not a great sign way out there on the trails.

I made it to the next aid station and had to call it quits. I felt like I was letting the people who donated to my fundraiser down, those following my adventures down, and letting myself down.

But, as we say on the trails, live to run another day. And it’s true. Sure, there was disappointment, embarrassment, and frustration, but at least I’d tried. I’d put myself out there!

That counts for something. And I’m way stronger for it, too.

So, what’s your next failure?

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