Ok, a little nervous here.  I’m sending off to another contest.  Not that I think I’ll win or have a chance, I’m more nervous to see what the judges say about my work.  It’s been judged by so few professionals, so I’m gearing up to hear a bunch and then dive into the revisions, yet again.  

Also, I have some contest results coming in next week.  One’s a mini contest, one’s a big one—so, there are a few things coming up, HUH?  

So, if you pray, pray I have “thick” skin to hear the suggestions from the judges, to accept that I either win or don’t win, and to just keep my eyes on writing to an Audience of ONE!  That’s truly what really matters in the end!!

**whoo hoo**

2 thoughts on “WISH ME LUCK

  1. No matter what, Sheri, press on! Contests, like everything in writing, are subjective. That’s why I have such a hard time gathering courage to enter them. But I admire your courage and best of luck!

    Further down the blog you mentioned writing in a frenzy…oh, I need that right now. I usually do write frantically…right now, a bit stuck. But YES, I do think that happens to writers from time to time. Enjoy when it does!

    I sure love hearing from you on my blog. Thanks for popping by. 🙂

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