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Writing contests are, or should be in my opinion, a big part of the writing process toward publication. Why? You might ask? Well, a couple reasons. First, they get you focused. Having a goal for me is part of keeping me focused on making progress on a project. Knowing I have to submit something by a certain date keeps me focused.

Second, it gives me objective feedback. Yep. Getting your stuff out in front of other people who will then give you impartial feedback will ever improve your writing.

I’m a prime example.

Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve written about eight novels. But let me tell you, that wouldn’t have been possible without contests. I took what I’d learned from the several contests I’d entered my first book in to and honed the weaknesses they’d pointed out.

And hey, I’ve even placed or finaled in a couple, which was surprising to say the least.

So, I’m here to introduce a contest I hope all you writers will try consider.

Our local American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) chapter, which is called Christian Writers of the West (CWOW) is sponsoring its first contest. We have a stellar line up on published writers judging first round entries. The final round judges are stellar as well.

Come check it out. I hope you consider entering: The Phoenix Rattler: Does your story have bite?

Good luck, everyone!


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