Y is for YES!

Okay, this song rules:

But this video is so…ODD!


WOW…only ONE more day of the A to Z Challenge. Those who’ve been doing the challenge, how have you been doing? Blogging every day? You think you’ll keep blogging every day?

ON THE READING FRONT…what new titles are you guys reading? Anything super good I should look into downloading? Do tell!!


6 thoughts on “Y is for YES!

  1. Great song, but–uh, yeah–that video was pretty strange. I’d never seen this video before. Today I just finished a wonderful book called Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats and Their Humans by Dee Ready. I’ll be reviewing it soon on Tossing It Out.

    We need your feedback!
    Blogging from A to Z

  2. Great tune, Lynn. I watched this video so many times during those first magical years of MTV. Thanks for the blast from the past… Okay, I admit it. I totally have this on my iPod. 🙂


  3. Lynn I love blogging with you and all of your readers. But I am sorry that I have not been following on your A-Z I don’t know a lot about different bands. So I did’t have anything to say about them.
    But on the reading front, that I can do!!! LOL LOL…. Right now I am reading Terry Spear “Heart of the Wolf” series and it is great!!! I am on the fourth book so far “Legend of the White Wolf” With this series I have found it very hard to put it down. You have excitement, drama, mystery, and of course couples that can not keep there hands off one another (sex) LOL LOL….. I do hope that you look into this series, I think you will enjoy it!!!
    Happy reading and writing*

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