You can’t do it #TheRunningWriter

You can’t do it–those are some of the most inspirational words out there.

Let’s be honest. When someone tells you that you can’t do something, doesn’t it make you want to do it a little more?

Maybe just to prove them wrong?

For instance, I was told I’d never get into grad school. My grades weren’t spectacular, and I didn’t get a super awesome score on my GRE.

But I wanted to continue on in psychology and counseling, so I went ahead and applied to grad school anyway.


I could have thrown in the towel, but I didn’t. I tried again.


I got a job in the field as a low-level tech/assistant for about a year, and then I applied again.

I got an interview. YES! I knew once they met me they’d understand I wasn’t anything like my GRE score.

The first question of my interview was, “What happened on the GRE?”

So we got to talking about how I’m not super great at multiple choice test-taking but could answer essay questions with the best of them.

We had a great interview and I got into grad school. I even ended up graduating with honors and a job offer at a great company.

So, thank you to the person who said I wouldn’t ever get in to grad school. You pushed me to fight for my goals. Fight for my future. And to stand up for myself.

Stay strong my friends.

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