You will stumble #TheRunningWriter

You will stumble.


There’s this awesome song by Natalie Grant, called I Will Not Be Moved that really inspires me.

It talks about how we’ll stumble, we’ll fall down and we’ll make mistakes in life. But we need to stay strong through it all. It doesn’t have to break us.

I talk a lot about this in my daily posts, but that’s because so often we hammer ourselves down when we screw up. We berate ourselves. We waiver in our beliefs.

I’ve made mistakes. Tons. And I know I will continue to, even though I try not to. It’s just not possible to not make mistakes.

The minute you understand that, the pressure you put on yourself lessens. Now, it’s not a license to just go bonkers and do whatever we want without regard to people around us, but the pressure to be perfect will be less strangling.

Stay strong, my friends.

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