HI. Rachel here again.

So, remember yesterday when I asked the question, “What song gets your blood pumpin’?”

Yeah, the song, You’ve got the Power, by Snap does it for me when it comes to biking and exercising, but I’ll tell ya, my guy, Brandon helps with that, too.

The first time I saw him, I was screaming up Headland Hill on my seventy-five-mile bike ride.

So, I was tired, having ridden sixty-some miles already, then with this hill, a killer hill, my legs were pooped out.

But then this guy zooms by me like we’re just on flatland or something.

First, I was pretty ticked off that he passed me so easily, but then when I got a good look at him . . .


Tight, black biker shorts. Equally as snug racing jersey hugging the curves of his lean muscles. Oh, and not to mention his chocolate brown eyes.

I mean, who doesn’t LOVE chocolate, right?

A close second to eyes, is humor. I love to laugh and have fun, that’s a must! If those two are in sync, I’m toast. And I sure found those two things with Brandon. I’m so lucky.


So, what things sealed the deal with your significant other?

If you’re still single, what are the two main things that would seal the deal when it comes to dating?


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