You probably distinctly remember the events that happened seven years ago today. Where we were. What we were doing. Who we were with. The country, and everyone in it, more than likely changed forever, right? Whether you had direct connections to those who perished or even those who are now serving in the war as a result of the 9/11 attacks, or not.

Sure, we see the overt changes like Patriot Acts and airport security changes; however, how have WE changed, individually because of it?  My pastor did a One Month to Live series recently, and he asked us something very important at the conclusion of the series, “How are you going to be different after this series? What will you do differently?”

Great questions, right? Because if something so profound happens to us, such as 9/11 or getting told we have one month to live, our actions would probably change, right? 

For me, since 9/11 I’ve tried focusing on the positives in people more, being more merciful (like in traffic, or with restaurant servers, or troubled teens), and sharing the joy I’ve found in God with others.  Also, I’ve become more active in learning about politics and listening to the news.  I had once lived in my own little bubble, oblivious to much other than what I needed or wanted from day to day. Praying for the country’s leadership and military to make wise decision has also found its way into my daily prayer since 9/11.  

How have you changed since 9/11? Are you any different?

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