Small is big #TheRunningWriter

Small things can have a big impact. The one I hear a lot is that a small spark can trigger a huge fire.

Another is the tongue. A small thing but the words it can spew can cause quite a big stir. And can cause big hurts.

But what I like to focus on are small deeds. A quick smile, holding the door for someone, letting someone in front of you in a huge line of traffic.

Small is big.

Don’t underestimate what one small action on your part could ignite.

What’s one small thing you can do today?

We are ugly #TheRunningWriter

It’s a fact that, at times, we can all be pretty ugly with our thoughts, words and deeds. But it’s also a fact that we can all be pretty amazing as well.

Amongst the ugly I’ve seen the kindness in people when they see another human hurting. I’ve seen selflessness in people when another human has nothing.

Yes, humans can be ugly, we’ve all seen that, but we can also shine.

So let’s go out and shine today. Someone needs one little ray of light in their life today.

Will it be you?

Doubt. #TheRunningWriter

Doubt is powerful isn’t it? It can seep into your life like a slow moving cancer or it can hit you over the head like a bat.

Either way, it’s tough. It makes you second guess everything. Your worth. Your purpose. Your motivation.

Yesterday, at work, I got a great reminder why I do what I do.

I work in a coffee shop and bookstore at my church. And yesterday I got to help a 13 year old pick out her very first Bible. Her dad was there and he was all smiles and beaming with joy. I don’t know their story, and that’s ok. It was an honor to help in this tiny part of their life story.

I was needing that reminder lately. Big time.

Doubt affects everyone, my friend. Just hold on through it, you’ll find your purpose. You’ll see through the doubt eventually. Because you are needed. You are loved. You are wanted.

Scars and all #TheRunningWriter

You are you, scars and all. Don’t be ashamed of that. Be you, because if we’re not being ourselves, then we’re wearing a mask, and masks are tough to maintain.

They are exhausting.

They are false.

They are isolating.

So shed those masks. Your true friends will stick by you, scars and all. For that I’m very thankful.