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Maybe you just need a second pair of eyes on your already completed and ready to submit novel. Or, maybe you’ve just finished it, and you need an in-depth edit to get your novel ready for submission. Below you’ll find a program that fits your needs.

Two Pass Edit: $875 one-time fee (up to 80,000 words*)
This is an in-depth edit, with the first pass addressingbig picture issues. The first pass will include a detailed report focusing on the following: Tightening your story, plot, and pacing; Deepening your characters’ goals, motivations and conflicts along with suggestions made directly in your manuscript via track changes. The second pass is more like a line edit and to ensure the changes made during the first pass flow/make sense.

One Pass Edit/Proofread: $575 one-time fee (up to 80,000 words*)
This is a one-time read of your manuscript. I will provide a detailed report, reviewing the strengths, weaknesses and ideas for how to improve the story. The manuscript itself will NOT be marked up. You’ll take the information from the report and apply it as you see fit.

Line Edit: $350 one-time fee (up to 80,000 words*)
This is a level of editing that is more for the novel that has already gone through a bigger developmental edit and already has strong story structure in place. This edit focuses more on sentence-level changes and advice to help strengthen the flow of the story. This will include feedback on word choice, sentence structure and tightening.


Mentoring: $100/month
Partner up with me to help you with your novel, whether it’s written or not. It’s a scary process starting out in this industry. Writing can be a lonely gig, and with this program, you won’t be alone. I will be here for you.

This is a monthly service that includes the following:
-Unlimited access to me via texting and email to ask questions and advice regarding your project and the overall writing process, including, but not limited to: critiquing your story, addressing basic marketing strategies, and navigating the submission and querying processes.

-Critique and edit of one novel, up to 80,000 words*. It includes an overall content review/edit and a line edit of your project, up to three passes.

Criteria for this mentoring level of partnership
-Your project is Young Adult fiction.

-Genres accepted: My speciality is Young Adult romance including paranormal, contemporary and urban fantasy novels. I will also accept projects that are high fantasy; however, all novels need to be on the “sweet” side of romance.

-Your novel is 80,000 words or less*.

If interested, fill out this questionnaire to see if we’re a fit: CLICK HERE

*anything over 80,000 words there is a $.01 per word charge


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Lynn Rush’s passion is helping menopausal athletes stay competitive and healthy through this huge life change. She’s been through it, found some success, both through life experience and training. She is ready to share her wisdom.

As a former college athlete Lynn understands the role of discipline and constancy in training. She’s completed five ultra marathons, including two 50-milers. She’s also qualified for and completed the Boston marathon.

Lynn’s broad range of experience will help you achieve any goal.

For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to her: [email protected]