Musical Monday–Celebrate Marriage Week

August 10th was my 13th anniversary with my sweet hubby, Charlie. So, even though I have played this song on Musical Mondays before, I have to again. It’s the one we did our first dance to.

Until the End of Time, by Foreigner



My favorite words are:

Never will I lose this heart’s desire.

Ever will I feel our love’s fire only when I know

That you’ll be mine until the end of time.

Full Lyrics

**If you’re married, tell us how long, and what was the first song you danced to if you had a wedding reception**

5 thoughts on “Musical Monday–Celebrate Marriage Week

  1. Hi Lynn! It’s our anniversary week…hubby and I celebrate fifteen years this Thursday!

    We danced to “Kiss of Life” by Sade. We asked the DJ to cut it short..that song is over five minutes long! But he didn’t, so we danced and danced.

    Those are happy memories. We’re so blessed! Congrats to you and your hubby!

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