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Not all vampires are out for blood.

Ava’s hopes for a fresh start in the vampire-friendly town of Radon, Arizona come to a screeching halt when she finds out the boy she likes, and is sort-of dating, is in danger from a lethal version of her kind.

She’s not exactly sure what’s scarier, facing her true feelings for super-hot, movie-loving quarterback, Ethan Drake, or the repercussions of him finding out she’s a vampire.

At this point, keeping him safe is priority number one, and she can only hope to prove that not all vampires are out for his blood.


Bumps in the road may lead to the path you’re meant to be on.

Genius, Clayton Diggs, has always focused on his studies, hoping to hustle through tortuous high school years. Eight months ago, Clayton’s one and only act of impulsivity leads to his twin brother’s devastating head injury, leaving him incapacitated. Guilt-ridden, Clayton dives even deeper into academics, focusing on prevention and care for traumatic brain injuries.

Megan Reynolds, the once popular cheerleader suffered a personality-altering brain injury from a fall during practice three months ago. Now a rebellious outcast, she finds herself on the fringe of the only life she’s ever known: Cheerleading.

Megan gives Clayton a peek into a new and exciting side of high school, filled with a list of firsts he never imagined he’d experience. But her eccentricities might prove too much for Clayton’s ordered life and plans of redemption for his brother’s accident.


This bite leaves more than a mark. 

Sixteen-year-old year old Adam Brown goes from Geek to Freak after he’s bitten by the rabid dog that killed his entire family. Since he unashamedly waves his Geek Flag, super popular Ruby Schmidt and he have kept their friendship on the down-low, but that all changes when she almost loses him to the crazed dog attack. 

Now faced with strange and disturbing changes, including strength, a sudden growth spurt and different colored eyes, Adam’s best friend comes along side him, despite it causing her to lose her friends. Together, they face off government spies, crooked scientists, and raging hormones as they fight for their lives and their love.  



Created with both human and animal DNA, 12-year-old Cole has a knack for adaptation. So when his first day of seventh grade culminates with being thrown into the pool as part of the school bully’s initiation, suddenly sprouting webbing shouldn’t surprise him.

But Cole can’t focus on dealing with frenemies. Not when the reason he’s in a new town and new school is his seriously malfunctioning 100-year-old android.

His dad and Cole’s only hope in fixing her lies deep within the Score Technology laboratories—where his cyborg father just secured a maintenance job. But after his dad’s first week at the company, both of Cole’s parents are kidnapped.

Desperate to keep his secret hidden and find his parents, Cole teams up with two gifted school buddies. They’re going to break into Score Technologies and rescue Cole’s parents.

But the attempt reveals that the threat to Cole’s family runs deeper than they ever could have imagined. So deep they might not all survive.


Eleven-year-old Robert “Bot” Trials has a secret: He’s half robot. Shunned by everyone in his small town after his secret is discovered, he’s just trying to figure out where he fits in and not accidentally hurt anyone else with his bionic powers.

On the same day new owners of the haunted house on the hill moved in, a talking dog crosses Bot’s path. Battling bullies, discrimination, quirks with his robot half, Bot and his best friend decide to unravel the mystery of the talking dog and the mysterious girl living in the haunted house.

Their adventure leads to a super-secret world Bot might actually fit in with, but it might cost a new friend her life.