Novels in progress…

I have some fun middle grade projects in the pike…here’s a peek:

Created with both human and animal DNA, 12-year-old Cole has a knack for adaptation. So when his first day of seventh grade culminates with being thrown into the pool as part of the school bully’s initiation, suddenly sprouting webbing shouldn’t surprise him.

But Cole can’t focus on dealing with frenemies. Not when the reason he’s in a new town and new school is his seriously malfunctioning 100-year-old android.

His dad and Cole’s only hope in fixing her lies deep within the Score Technology laboratories—where his cyborg father just secured a maintenance job. But after his dad’s first week at the company, both of Cole’s parents are kidnapped.

Desperate to keep his secret hidden and find his parents, Cole teams up with two gifted school buddies. They’re going to break into Score Technologies and rescue Cole’s parents.

But the attempt reveals that the threat to Cole’s family runs deeper than they ever could have imagined. So deep they might not all survive.

Eleven-year-old Robert “Bot” Trials has a secret: He’s half robot. Shunned by everyone in his small town after his secret is discovered, he’s just trying to figure out where he fits in and not accidentally hurt anyone else with his bionic powers.

On the same day new owners of the haunted house on the hill moved in, a talking dog crosses Bot’s path. Battling bullies, discrimination, quirks with his robot half, Bot and his best friend decide to unravel the mystery of the talking dog and the mysterious girl living in the haunted house.

Their adventure leads to a super-secret world Bot might actually fit in with, but it might cost a new friend her life.

Once an orphaned stowaway aboard a mighty pirate ship, Raider was accepted and adopted into their crooked family. Growing up surrounded by the self-serving ways of the sea, he knows little of honor—until he rescues a human girl from drowning.

While engrossed in a fantastical tale spun of magic and pirates, eleven-year-old Grace somehow ends up in the middle of the ocean. When it becomes clear that she’s been transported into the pages of the book she was reading, and that she’ll need to locate a very special pendant to return home, she turns to the boy who saved her life.

Raider agrees to join her quest, but with the wicked pirates, mystical creatures and a perilous ocean in their way, the chances of her returning home are fading.

A clandestine group of rebel genetic misfits rescue eleven-year-old Riley from a secret science lab and realize he has uncharted strength and a unique ability to heal people, but his mind has been completely erased.

On his quest to find out what he is, Riley and his new friends are transported to an alien land filled with creatures plucked right from a monster movie. One of those creatures, the King of the Realms, deems Riley’s existence an abomination of nature and declares war with the Realm of the Humans for creating him.

The only way to prevent Earth’s extinction is to find the evil scientists who created him, but with no memory and creatures from other Realms foiling his plans, Earth’s days might be numbered.