I’m often inspired by songs, but the most inspirational singer I’ve come across up until now is Adie Camp.  


My hubby and I found out about her on a local Christian radio station.  It’s a funny story, though, because the radio station NEVER EVER EVER said her name after the song.  We were always like, “who is this, we want this song.”  We spent hours on I tunes, google, you name it.  But, we’re just clueless I guess, because we could never find it.  

Well, one night, we had heard the song again, and I was determined to find it.  So, I sat on I tunes for the better part of a Saturday night surfing I tunes.  I found it tucked under ROCK.  I had been searching various words hoping they were the title, etc, etc.  Well, needless to say, I finally found it.  

Check out her site and her little You Tube video.  Sufficient is a great song and Your Way is equally as good. It just inspires me to seek first God’s will in my writing, in my life, and in my marriage.  When I’m discouraged or suffering from a bit of writer’s block, I sit down, listen Adie’s songs a few times, and bam, I’m feeling so much better.

I hope it blesses you as well.  Have a great day!!!

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