So, it’s October . . . time for scary movies, right?

We’re counting them down here on the blog. One a week until Halloween week, then it’s a movie a day until our number ONE choice.

Oh boy, it’s gonna be creepy. I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary movies.


So far we’ve covered Candyman and Halloween. Check out this week’s. . . . .





Holy cow. I seriously got the goosebumps watching this trailer again. Something about this movie just totally and completely freaks me out. I think it’s the little girl’s acting. I never like seeing young kids in this kind of stuff. Like, I went to see Let Me In a while back and it was great, but difficult to see a twelve year old sucking blood, you know?

What’d you think of Poltergeist?

Throwback Thursdays

PoltergeistSince Halloween nears, I thought I’d bring up a scary movie for our Throwback Thursday . . .

Remember the ever-famous phrase, “They’re here.”?

Just the mere uttering of that phrase gives me the shivers.

I mean, how can this cute kid instill such fear with those that little question?


The cute, long, blond hair…innocent smile. But still . . .

Have you seen Poltergeist? Did it scare you or are you, while you read this, shaking your head thinking, “That Lynn, she’s a wimp.”

I really am when it comes to scary movies.  LOL.

**What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you watching it this weekend in honor of Halloween?**