Ready or not #The RunningWriter


I’m ready for today. Are you?

It’s a matter of perspective and, this morning, I choose to have a great day today.

No matter what’s thrown at me, I will handle it.

So will you.

Let’s do this, my friends. You and me, together, we will conquer this day.

Stop. Breathe. Refocus. #TheRunningWriter


Mondays are hard for some people. Facing an uncertain job, jumping into the hustle-bustle of appointments and obligations, or dealing with scary health or life obstacles littering your path.

When I’m getting overwhelmed or scared I can get a bit obsessive on the bad things. I can view a day through, “Okay, what bad thing is going to happen today?” glasses.

But if I do that, then I’m looking for the bad things to happen.

Stop. Breathe. Refocus.

You are strong and you are capable. No matter what this Monday, or even the next hour, brings you, you will face it.

You will get through it.

You will be stronger for it.

So go out there and make it a great day.

Things change and that’s ok. #TheRunningWriter


You’ve heard the phrase, “The only thing constant in life is change.”

Sometimes I hate that phrase. How ’bout you?

I’m a creature of habit. I find security in consistency. I can handle change, be adaptable. I would just rather not. LOL.

What I’ve learned over the years as a writer and runner is that circumstances change. Lives change.

I may spend day in and day out with writing or running friends, and then over time our path directions change. No hard feelings. No anger.

And when we meet up again, maybe even get to start hanging out again, it’s all good no hard feelings. No anger.

Don’t take change personal. While it might be about you, more than likely it’s not. It’s just life circumstances.

And if it is about you, go with it. Be open to feedback. Grow from it. Don’t get stuck in it. And don’t hate because of it.

Hiding behind words #TheRunningWriter

It’s easier said than done.

That phrase drives me bonkers. It’s funny, though, because it may drive me crazy, but I still hide behind it. Use it as an excuse.

How ’bout you?

I use it to hide behind eating poorly. That’s the biggest one for me. I’m an athlete, running those long hard miles week in and week out demands healthy eating to fuel my body. To protect it from injury and to keep it energized and working efficiently.

But if I have to even think about cooking a good meal–eating Mac-n-cheese is just way easier.

It’s pasta right? Runners need pasta!

Oh who am I kidding?

We all hide behind a phrase or excuse sometimes. Things like, “it’s not fair” or “it’s not my fault” or whatever. We hide behind them.

The issue isn’t the phrase or the words, it’s the fact that we’re looking for something to blame or hide behind, instead of owning our behavior and taking responsibility for actions.

Life is difficult. And, yeah, lots of things are easier said than done. But you still have to do them. You have to take responsibility for your day and your life.

But remember, you’re not alone in life. You CAN do it. You ARE strong.