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Hiding behind words #TheRunningWriter

It’s easier said than done.

That phrase drives me bonkers. It’s funny, though, because it may drive me crazy, but I still hide behind it. Use it as an excuse.

How ’bout you?

I use it to hide behind eating poorly. That’s the biggest one for me. I’m an athlete, running those long hard miles week in and week out demands healthy eating to fuel my body. To protect it from injury and to keep it energized and working efficiently.

But if I have to even think about cooking a good meal–eating Mac-n-cheese is just way easier.

It’s pasta right? Runners need pasta!

Oh who am I kidding?

We all hide behind a phrase or excuse sometimes. Things like, “it’s not fair” or “it’s not my fault” or whatever. We hide behind them.

The issue isn’t the phrase or the words, it’s the fact that we’re looking for something to blame or hide behind, instead of owning our behavior and taking responsibility for actions.

Life is difficult. And, yeah, lots of things are easier said than done. But you still have to do them. You have to take responsibility for your day and your life.

But remember, you’re not alone in life. You CAN do it. You ARE strong.

Wounds will heal #TheRunningWriter

Even the deep wounds you think will never heal will heal.

It just takes time.

That’s the last thing you want to hear, though, right? I know I like quick fixes and instant results. But sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

And it’s okay.

When I look back at my life, the most growth came from when I had to work hard and long at getting through some struggles I was facing.

I learned about perseverance and patience.

I learned about courage and strength.

And most importantly, I built confidence.

Hang in there, my friends, your wounds will heal, and you’ll come out of the experience a stronger, more confident person.

Pressure to be… #TheRunningWriter

I thought it might be fun to see the official definition of pressure:

the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it.

I’m starting to realize that a lot of the pressure I feel, I put there myself. Pressure to do things right. Be the perfect wife, boss, friend. Help those around me. Eat right. Exercise daily. Be this. Be that.

And sometimes, they are overwhelming. They can add pressure to the day. They can bring conflict or require me to step into conflict.

But one thing I try to remember is, nobody is perfect, so why am I expecting myself to be perfect?

That’s a lot of pressure.

That’s a lot of stress.

That’s a lot of anxiety.

I just need to step back and remember that I am not perfect, and it’s okay! I will do my best to love God, love myself, and love others.

Stay strong, my friends.