Chicks ROCK!

Last night, I’m watching ESPN with my sweet hubby after returning from a weekend away in California. I love the top ten of the day. There was this awesome bare-handed catch a catcher makes when pitcher pops a bunt up. It was sweet. So, I had to see if I could find it and share with you.

I found something even better…you have to check this CHICK out…yep, a ball girl at a professional baseball game.




Oh yeah, I think I feel a story idea coming on after seeing that…


8 thoughts on “Chicks ROCK!

  1. Yeah, my husband just said that a ball girl/guy would never be that close to the play. Sorry it turned out that way. LOL.

  2. Sarah—Mad skills. Oh yeah!!!
    Alison—She is in a league of her own, isn’t she? You hit the ball over their heads huh? I LOVE THAT. I did that once in a softball game. They literally stepped in when they saw me enter the batter box (I’m just barely 5’5 and kinda slender….so they figured…..) I had ’em running…but no way could I do what this chick did in the video. LOL.
    KM—Yeah, spread it around, it’s so sweet.
    Billy—Yeah, Jackie Chan, that’s exactly right. I LOVE how that outfielder looked at her like, “What the – – -“

  3. P.S. I love moments like that. In college I did summer missions in south Texas. The family I stayed with had two little boys who didn’t believe I could hit a ball. I loved the look on their faces when I knocked it a few hundred feet over the houses across the street.

    I’d definitely read a story about this…take it and run, girl!

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