Have you ever heard of Tiger Woods? Most have, and even those who don’t follow sports.


I like to think of myself as a sporty person.  I mean, I watch ESPN with my hubby all the time. I played high school and college tennis. Heck, I even suffered knee injuries that required surgery (yeah, both knees, sadly.)

The media says Tiger is going to be scarier than ever. He was scary even BEFORE these injuries, and he’s saying that he’s feeling stronger than ever!

Did you know that he  won the US open with a torn ACL? Oh, and a double stress fracture in his left leg? Amazing.

We’ll have to see what happens when he comes down here to the desert this coming weekend for the Accenture Matchplay. Even though I don’t follow golf . . . I’m hoping he does come back stronger. That’s always fun to see.

Have you ever taken a break from something and felt like you’ve come back stronger? Whether it’s from writing, work, or whatever?

I’ve noticed it with writing, for me. I’ll get stuck, frustrated, or discouraged with something I’m working on and step away. I’ve taken a few weeks off from a project and worked on others before. And when I’ve returned to the original project, my writing is much more fine tuned. Does that make sense?

Even with sports. I’ve worn myself down, gotten too overtrained, and after a couple weeks of active rest, I come back to my main sport stronger.


Have you ever experienced that? Whether it’s writing related or not…



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