So, a Christian’s life should be easy, right? No problems. No worries. I mean, heck, you “found God” right?

You know, I used to think that when I was young in my faith.

Yeah, not so much.

Sure, God’ll provide, God’ll be there with me, I don’t doubt that one bit. But the Life’s-gonna-be-easy-idea. . . again with the Yeah, not so much . . .

During this economic crisis, many have lost jobs. Unemployment is at a ginormous rate. Well, I have joined the ranks of such.

Although I loved my job and those with whom I worked, am I mad because I lost it?


Well, some would say, “But you gave your heart and soul to that job, and look at what kind of thanks do they gave you?”

Nope. Not thinking that either.

“Okay, but you gotta admit, it sucks, right?”

Yep, that I’ll admit. It’s a bit of an inconvenience. Lots of uncertainty and confusion and a little fear. Heck, before it happened, I’d wondered if I would have to experience unemployment since my industry had been shaky for a couple years now (mortgages).

But never once did I think, “Oh God, how could you do this to me?”

Really, you can chuckle all you want, but it’s true.

Someone might ask, “How could you not think that? You’re a Christian, God shouldn’t allow bad things to happen to you.”

God has not promised an easy road for anyone, Christians and non-Christians alike. He’s only promised those who have complete faith in Him that He will never leave our side through the good and the bad.

**So, what do you think? What gets you through your struggles?**

10 thoughts on “Faith

  1. If it was ever really up to just us, most of us would have fallen back and stopped along the side of the road during this difficult journey we are on.
    If it was ever really up to us, we would be honest and say, “I just don’t believe in you anymore Lord, because this time, it’s just too hard to keep the faith.
    If it was ever really up to us, we wouldn’t be born again anything, we wouldn’t be steadfast in anything, and we never once would try to help our fellowman.
    I am a follower of Jesus Christ, He made me believe we never walk alone.

  2. Beautifully put and I completely agree with what you say. Ben has been experiencing difficulties in his job. There have been a few times where they have told him, “if you don’t get your sales up, you’ll get fired,” but so far it hasn’t happened. I know that whatever happens, I will be fine. The other night while I was driving I was thinking, what if he loses his job, we can’t pay our mortgage, we lose our condo, etc…. and I realized so what!!! I’m still going to have food and shelter. God will still provide for me! Whatever happens, happens. You just have to give it to God and not worry. It doesn’t help to get upset or sad.

  3. Lynn, This was a wonderful post. Our time is troubling for sure, but many before us have suffered worse. Each day I pray for strength to carry forward, wisdom to do right and the grace to show mercy. One dorr has closed for you, but I have new doubt many others will open for you. God bless. AJ

  4. “God has not promised an easy road for anyone, Christians and non-Christians alike. He’s only promised those who have complete faith in Him that He will never leave our side through the good and the bad.”

    Have you ever watched the “Love Comes Softly” movies? God’s love is questioned because of bad things that have happened. The reply… I can be walking right beside Missy (his daughter) and she may fall down. She knows I’ll be right there to pick her up…the real measure of God’s love isn’t that bad things happen. It’s that He’s right there with us when they do.

    “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. ~ Jesus.

  5. Nice post, Lynn! I am going through a very scary time myself. I just keep saying out loud, “I trust you” Not in the way that I think HE is doing something to me, but “I trust You.” You will bring me through in a way that glorifies you. . .and that is all that matters to me!

  6. If you believe the Bible, which I do, it tells the story of many people who went through epic struggles for survival. The main thing I got out of it personally is they weren’t alone. If they had been then Moses little rod or staff would have just fizzled and not turned magical. What if the Bible is myth, and when I went to college it was real cool to become so intelligent as to believe it was just a good storybook. Now to today, well it is something that has withstood the days and days and changing fickle public. If it was meant to be an inspiration, a lighthouse, so to speak in a severe crisis storm (which I see many around me) then first you have to realise the lesson has never been free. But God won’t shut one door without opening up another.

  7. When you pick up the cross and carry it for Christ, it is not an easy road. There are roadblocks all along the way. You will find that there are not as many of you,Christians, as you think there are. How do you convince someone there is a God,or that Christ was the son of God? You have to do as Jesus did, and go out among those that are not saved. You do not put them down, but accept them, and through love and understanding, gradually they will come around. There are so many detours and roadblocks put up by Satan. He will use whatever he can to tear you up and break your faith down. He will use loss of jobs, family against you, being lonely, grief over a loss, disabilities, anything to knock you off the track. This is when you will become stronger, through your faith, you can overcome..
    Sharon Ford

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