Friday Funnies is a chance to share your wild and crazy stories. Whether it’s a personal story or just something that strikes you as funny.  Let’s laugh and have some fun, but keep it clean, cuz I’m a watchin’ **wink wink**

Have you ever been fishing? I sure have. Heck, every summer I’d spend a week up with Grandma and Grandpa and we’d go fishing, like, every day. We even used to ice fish in the winter. Now that was coooooold.

“The earlier the better,” my grandpa said.

We’d get up at the crack of dawn, drive to the one of Ten Thousand lakes in Minnesota and hop in the boat to troll for walleye. Or maybe drop a bobber for some sunny fish.

My grandpa taught me how to fish when I was little.  I don’t even remember how old I was, but I’ve heard this story a few times and it cracks me up.

Grandpa and I were out in the boat. And I was a little energetic as a kid (still am for the most part)–well, when I saw my bobber plunge under the water…I let out a squeal that could have awoken the dead and jumped to my feet.

No, I didn’t tip over, but I think I scared every fish from the lake, except the one I snagged on my hook.  But my poor grandpa was thinking I was going to tip the boat.

I wish I could say the little sunny I pulled out from the water was a whopper, but it wasn’t. I was just so stoked to see the bobber go under and feel that little tug on the line.


So, what’s your funny story for today? Let’s laugh….it’s almost the weekend.


7 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. I never liked fishing. It seemed like a lot of sitting around doing nothing to me… Plus, we had a rule that you had to clean the fish you caught. Not so exciting for a little girl.

    Here’s my funny story.

    Last week I was babysitting my nephew, A4 (who is the same age as my middle child- just turned three), while my brother and sis-in-law went to my brother’s work Christmas party.

    We let them stay up late, so it was about 9:30 and we were expecting my brother and s-i-l back any minute.

    My middle child runs into the the living room and says “I want to take a bath with A4!”

    A second later, my oldest runs into the living room and stands, perfectly choreographed next to his brother. “I want to take a bath with A4, too!”

    A minute later, and really, you couldn’t have planned this better- I wish I’d had a video camera- A4 comes running in, completely naked, and stands next to the other two. “I want to take a bath!”

  2. Most bizaar; Hilary Clinton’s new position includes her watching Bill’s incoming donations and policing outsourced political donations. How about putting the fox in charge of the hen house?

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