8 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. Hilarious, but I don’t know if I’d be laughing if it happened to me. I cracked up as soon as I saw the 1st guy on the bike approaching. Felt sorry for the poor doggys though

  2. This is truly YUCKY!!! But funny!!!!!! I think we need a bit more pranking in life. My boss pulled one on me April 1. Good thing I laugh at everything he does. He has a great sense of humor and so do I! Helps days to be less stressful and life to be more fun!!!!!!!!

  3. That was funny. It could never happen in litigious America though.

    Not without a lawsuit. No one has a sense of humor. 🙁

    Rachelle Gardner is having joke day on her blog today.

  4. Chas—I saw this on MTVs top twenty pranks…..I was on the floor laughing. OMG. I’d be like, “hey, my cell phone….” LOL. Happy Friday, Chas.

  5. Okay … you have a perverse sense of humor. But then, I’ll bet you liked the Three Stooges, too, right? … No?

    Maybe you’re too young for that.

    Anyway, I would be a bit freaked out too, if I suddenly fell into a big water hole.

    Stop by and check out my thoughts. They are many things, but they are certainly me.

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