wowOkay, so, it’s kinda mucky out there right now, isn’t it? Economy, swine flu, you name it. But, let’s take a few minutes and think about something that’s inspired us! Tell me your story.

Here’s mine.

So, you all know about my dad. He did a 3,000 mile road bike to raise money for Young Life.

Well, with less than a couple hundred miles left on his ride, his bike broke. Something about a gear shifter lever. You can tell I’m not a technician, can’t you?

Well, this broken shifter meant that he was stuck in ONE gear. And that’s just not good when you’re navigating hills, battling headwinds, etc.

Well, after a day of pedaling with just one gear, he decided he’d stop in a bike store to ask if they can manually put it in an easier gear.

The man said, “Sure, I’ll take a look at it.”

“I know you can’t fix it, two bike shops already told me it’s not fixable, but if you can get it in an easier gear for me, that’d be great,” my dad said.

“Sure, let me take a look.” The guy took the bike back.

Now, a couple hours earlier, My dad had talked to his pastor on the phone to give him an update of the ride so far, so they could share it with the congregation back home in AZ. When he heard about the bike problems, he said he’d have them pray for him.

A few minutes later, the technician came out with my dad’s bike, “Well, fixed her up for ya.”

“You fixed it? Or just got it into an easier gear for me?”

“No, I fixed it.”

Turns out he was able to band-aid fix the gear shifter. So, for the last 119 miles, my dad had all his gears. He said it was a good thing, because he had a head wind the entire 119 miles on that last day!

The power of prayer, even when it’s just about a bike ride. Amazing.


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