movie-reelsMovie Lines.  Can you guess what movie?

Ok, I got tagged on FaceBook about movie quotes. And you all know how I love movies, trivia about movies, etc.

So, I thought it’d be fun to try this here on the blogsphere, too.

The original tag said to pick fifteen of your favorite movies then pick a quote from it and see if everyone can guess.

Ok, fifteen is too much for me, so I picked five. So, guess away…I’ll come back later today and put the answers.

Good luck, my friends.

1.  “Lights! Lights would be good here.”

2.  “Bye, Willie. Thanks.”

3.  “Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting fly by.”

4.  “As you wish.”

5.  “You can’t just walk out of a drive in.”



What are your guesses?

Oh, leave a comment with a quote of your own, let’s see if we can guess it.



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