I’m so excited about this sweet YA Vampire Romance. I hope you enjoy it as well.

A black background with blood splashing on it.

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Not all Vampires are out for blood.

Thea’s hope for a fresh start in the Vampire-friendly town of Radon, Arizona, comes to a screeching halt when she finds out the boy she likes, and is sort-of dating, is in danger from a lethal version of her kind.

She’s not exactly sure what’s scarier, facing her true feelings for super-hot, movie-loving quarterback, Ethan Drake, or the repercussions of him finding out she’s a Vampire.

At this point, keeping him safe is priority number one, and she can only hope to prove that not all Vampires are out for his blood.


For fans of: Crave, Twilight, Buffy, Lost Boys, Vampire Diaries,

NYT & USA Today Bestseller & ultra-runner known as #TheRunningWriter. Agents: Joyce Sweeney & Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.