Monday, Monday, Monday–are you ready?

Well, it’s time to hit another week running.  I hope you all got to get out and play a little over the holiday weekend.  I, for sure, played hard!  Did some mountain biking on Friday…check out the photo…Mike, a friend of ours had some fun that day!!  LOL

You know it’s a good mountain bike if you’re muddy, dirty, and bleeding a little, right?

Then, on Saturday, we met up with the First Wave Tri and did a 44 mile road bike with them.  Charlie, Bob and I went on the ride with them, and between us we had three flat tires and one water holder malfunction–I don’t think they’ll want us to join them again any time soon (just kidding). 

You know what’s funny is, I had always disliked the monotony of road biking.  Hours and hours on a hard saddle, dodging cars, etc, etc.  But, since I’ve been doing more and more biking (due to injuries that prevent me from running) I have grown to enjoy it more than I’d like to admit.  

Besides dodging a few cars and the broken glass that seem to cover the bike lanes, I get to see beautiful sun rises, desert mountains, and meet new people who I try and chase down when they pass me.  Also, I get to spend time with by hubby as he trains for his triathlons.  So, it’s all good and it’s All God.  

Have a great day everyone!!

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