If a car made a song, it’d sound like this….




Cars, by Gary Numan

The song was actually ahead of its time. It brought in the new wave music in the 80s because it was all synthesizers, with the exception of the drums. That hadn’t really happened much until then.

I mean, no guitar, no bass guitar, just some drums and a robotic sounding voice….Cool.


So, what songs are rockin’ your world lately?



  1. I have this song on CD. It’s on VH-1’s the Big 80s along with A-ha, the Steve Miller Band’s Abracadabra, Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance,” and The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat.”

    No offense but I’m really glad I checked this blog so late in the day. This song would have been in my head ALL DAY.

    Now I have to go listen to Fernando by Abba to get it out of my head.


  2. I watched “the Express” the other day, and the song “Running Bear” (loved Little White Dove) was playing on the movie. It has been stuck in my head every since Friday. Quick! Someone sing the Brady Bunch song and offer me some relief!

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