Throwback Thursday…Look Away…

Chicago is arguably one of the best groups from the 80s. Okay, they were around before that, but I remember them most from the 80s. Hard Habit to Break, Will You Still Love Me….and more.

But…do you remember this song?


What are the songs rockin’ your iPod?

Throwback Thursday…Mickey

I was watching One Hit Wonders again recently…this one was in the top ten.

Rightfully so, huh?

LOVE this song…..


Mickey, by Toni Basil


Have a happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

It’s FRIDAY EVE after all…..

Throwback Thursday–Week of Love

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel from Say Anything


Need I say more about this freaking awesome love song?


Here’s the full song if you’re interested: CLICK HERE

Have a FANTASTIC Throwback Thursday, everyone!

Throwback Thursday…Indiana Jones Style

Throwing you back to 1989 today on Throwback Thursday.

Did you know Indiana Jones and the Last Cursade was the biggest grossing movie that year?

And *gulp* I’ve never really watched it in its entirety.

*ducks, dodging flying objects*


What about you? Did you get into these movies?